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Hi, I'm Duncan - the inventor, developer and hand assembler of the Lil' Ripper Gripper.  We are a family owned and operated business in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  My daughter, Tegan, has been instrumental in product design and development (she is the original Lil' Ripper!).


We are lucky to live in an area that allows us to ski about 40 days a year - a sport that I have been enjoying for 47 years now!


While teaching my daughter, Tegan, how to ski, I saw that the ski harnesses available on the market were unsafe and lacking in some functionality.  The primary concern was that the leash on the harnesses was often loose and dangling while riding lifts.  If caught on the chairlift, this could spell disaster for the youngster attached to the harness.  Why not make the leash retractable?


I also noticed that no snowboard harnesses were commercially available, yet there are many young snowboarders on the mountain who could benefit from the opportunity to ride and learn while using a harness.  Why not develop a harness that could be used for both skiers and snowboarders?


This is how the Lil' Ripper Gripper was born.


I hope that this training harness will bring you the happiness that comes with active family time on the mountains!  



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