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A word or two on backpacks and safety

I've been asked by a few customers if the Lil' Ripper Gripper would ever incorporate a small backpack. The simple (and final) answer to this is NO...I'll explain why.


One of the key functions of a harness is safety. Whether we are hoping to keep an out of control youngster out of the tree line, or help them to ride the lifts, we want to do so as safely as possible. Ski area operators are aware of the dangers of backpacks getting caught on chairlifts and causing horrific accidents (just do a quick Google search - there's lots), so they now require adults to remove backpacks before getting on chairs. Given that they are dangerous, why would we want to put one on a safety harness?


Is it convenient to put a snack, a favorite teddy, or a set of mitts in a backpack? - yes.

Is the convenience worth your child lugging around extra weight and getting tired earlier in the day? - NO

Furthermore, many of the available 'backpack' systems attach the leashes to the backpack - above the waist. This is not very useful for learning (try tying a rope around your chest and then have someone pull backwards on it - how's the balance working?)

So, for the simple reasons of safety and function, Lil' Ripper Gripper will stay with the low profile 5 point harness with waist mounted leashes....and no backpack.

Have a great season!

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